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Tutorial 3: Rules of Engagement


Target Audience:
Requirements Specialists (data, process, network, embedded, etc), Project Managers, Process Improvement Specialists

Level: All

What will you learn :

  • Find gaps in knowledge to develop better questions
  •  Explore and understand how to use the “soft” skills of working with the business community
  • Learn new ways to engage the business and keep them engaged throughout the development cycle
  • Identify new skills to add to your toolbox
  • Review ways to reduce the percentage of failures associated to requirements
  • Understand the different types of requirements

Ever wonder why more than 36% percent of proprietary software fails? The answer is that defects and cost-overruns are a result of poorly defined requirements. If you calculated this percent of the project's cost, how much could have been avoided if your staff were trained on what information needs to be captured and how to engage the business community in developing better requirements. This program concentrates on the real front-end of any project … talking with business personnel to get the information needed to define the results you want. Save time and money on your project but most important is to get the output your business needs in the time frame you need it.


  • Technology, Process, Business Knowledge
  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • What’s Your Job
  • The House that Zachman Built
  • Perspective
  • Focus
  • Domain
  • Power Questions
  • Do You Hear What I Hear
  • State of the Art
  • Parrotology
  • Success Reminders
  • Relationship, Relationship, Relationship


Pat Ferdinandi, Chief Thought Translator
Strategic Business Decisions. 

With 30+ years experience in a diverse array of businesses, Pat's key to success is getting business involved and keeping them involved throughout the life of the project. CIO Magazine recognized her ability to speak both business and IT languages: "IT executives will find excellent strategies." Pat has successfully mentored, coached and trained others to compliment their technical and process skills by teaching them the rules of engagement.