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Tutorial 10: Combining RUP and Agile in software development


Target Audience:
Project managers and corporate architects involved in management of deliverables

Level: Intermediate

What will you learn :

  • RUP fundamentals

  • Agile fundamentals

  • Mutually exclusive principals of both management ideology

  • Common properties

  • What each methodology can and should borrow from another

  • How to combine both and what result to expect

Participants will learn how to execute project plans based on RUP or Agile methodologies. They will know what common to the both and what differentiates them apart. There will be example of when and how both methodologies can be combined within a project plan and what it can accomplish.


This course covers the following general topic areas:

  • RUP overview

    • RUP in good faith
    • Why RUP?
    • Why not RUP
    • Major benefits of RUP
    • What can go wrong?
    • Why it goes wrong so often?
  • Agile overview

    • Agile is a good faith
    • Why Agile?
    • Why not Agile?
    • Can Agile go wrong? What about good faith?
    • How to Agile right
  • Combining RUP and Agile

    • Why combining?
    • How to combine?
    • What the end result
    • Is this Nirvana?
  • Q&A


Michael  Kaufman
,  Principal Consultant and CEO of Palani CO
Advanced Business Automation & Palani Enterprises 

Michael Kaufman is development, consulting and hands-on manager with over 20 years of P & L, revenue and budgetary management experience in following areas: alignment of best of breed technology to business needs, analysis, design, data architecture; enterprise application integration; business process implementation re-engineering and fine tuning.