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Conference Agenda 2004



monday, October 4, 2004

7:30 - 8:15

Registration & Continental Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall


8:15 am

Welcome Remarks, Logistics, Sponsor Thanks

8:30 am

Morning Keynote Presentation:

Getting a New Organization up to CMMI for Software Level 3 - Again!

Mike Harris, Fidelity Information Services

9:30 am

Break in the Exhibit Hall


General Topics in Improving Software Development

Jump Starting Your SPI Program  CMM/CMMI Specific Topics 

10:00 am

Agile Development Method

Joseph Billi, Automatic Date Processing

Automation – The Key to Process Institutionalization

Jim Costello & Sandra J. Baptiste, Pershing, Inc.

Key Aspects of Level 4 and Level 5 Metrics that Need to be Understood on the Journey to Level 2 and Level 3

John  T. Harding (Jack), Software Technology Transition

10:50 am

Use Cases: Good Medicine for Ailing Projects

Lori Montanari Gottshall, Software Management Solutions

Preparing Your Level 1 Organization To Do Business With Your Level 5 Provider 

David Herron, David Consulting Group

Using Six Sigma Method to Minimize SCAMPI Costs

Ron Ulrich, Northrop Grumman

11:30 am


12:40 pm

Afternoon Keynote Presentation:

Update on CMMI Adoption and SEI Plans for Version 1.2

Mike Konrad, Software Engineering Institute


General Topics in Improving Software Development

Jump Starting Your SPI Program  CMM/CMMI Specific Topics 

1:40 pm

Applying Functional TSPSM to a Maintenance Project

Ellen George, PS&J Software Six Sigma

Sustaining the Improvement

William C McKnight, Next Level Consultants

Real-World Lessons-Learned: (1) Quantifying the Process – A Level 4 Lesson; (2) Analyzing the Process – A Level 5 Lesson

Phillip S. Sperling, SEC, FSSEC – Ft Sill, Ok

2:30 pm

Structuring and Negotiating IT Service Levels with your suppliers

Barbara Beech, AT&T

Practical CMMI Based SPI – A Success Story

James Hlavaty, Wolters-Kluwer

Transitioning from CMM to CMMI Level 2 or 3: Lessons Learned in the Trenches

Lynne Godfrey, ProcessWorks, Inc.

3:10 pm

Break in the Exhibit Hall

3:40 pm

The CMM Flu And Prescription For It

Thomas M. Cagley Jr, TMC Consulting Services


Gene Miluk, Software Engineering Institute

The Agony and the Ecstasy of the transition to CMMI

Robinsine Sarli, Mellon Financial Corporation

4:30 pm

CMMI-OSS Report:  Amplifying the CMMI to Address the Open Source Software Phenomena

Raymond Boehm, Software Composition Technologies

A Trainer’s Perspective on Implementing CMMI

Sharon E. Miller, L3 Communications ILEX Systems

Thriving in a Diverse Environment By Thoughtful Application of Organization Innovation and Deployment and Technology Change Management

Barbara E. Dreon, Northrop Grumman Corporation

5:10 pm